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    Natal charts, partial and complete and the unique Year at a Glance reading.

    Year at a Glance: Looking at annual profections and progressed sun will give the querent an idea of the opportunities facing them in the current year.

    Natal Charts: Complete Charts.

    Descriptions of all planets, and how they affect and effect one's life.

    Natal Charts: Partial Charts.

    Descriptions of Sun, Moon and ascendant and how they affect and effect one's life.

    Debra Oxford. Hellenistic Astrologer

  • Services

    Natal Charts, Partial ; $25.00

    Natal charts complete: $150.00

    Horary Astrology: $25.00-Per question.

    Year at a Glance: $25.00- for look at the year.



    Year at a Glance

    Determine opportunities for the new year.

    $25.00 per question

    Complete Natal Charts

    Birth charts: Must provide date of birth, location and time


    Partial Natal Chart: Sun, Moon and Ascendant


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